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In the exciting new world of electronic cigarettes – clever devices which allow you to enjoy all the pleasures of smoking without many of the hazards – two stand out above the rest, Green Smoke Vs Smoke Stik, who comes out on top? How are they different?


Green Smoke VS Smoke Stik Reveals Both Are High End eCigs

High end, state of the art technology electric cigarettes offer the smoker the taste, sensation and satisfaction of smoking traditional tobacco products without the smelly smoke of cigarettes.

They are also less expensive and, since they do not burn tobacco, do not produce smoke or offensive odors. Second-hand smoke is therefore not a problem, allowing electric cigarette smokers access to many of the places off limits to traditional smokers.

Significant others can no longer complain about the cigarette smell on breath, clothes or furniture. Both Smoke Stik and Green Smoke offer these same advantages.


Green Smoke VS Smoke Stik In How The eCigs Work

This Green Smoke VS Smoke Stik study explains how these clever contraptions work.

Driven by micro-electronic technology, the ecigarette body has two parts: the cartridge and atomization chamber, and a micro-processor powered by a lithium battery. When you inhale, the atomizer heats up the liquid in the cartridge and produces a vapor. Various amounts of nicotine, from none to high, are delivered with each inhalation. The electronic cigarette even lights up at the end, furthering the illusion that you really are smoking a traditional, tobacco product.

Green Smoke VS Smoke Stik Design: Both have a two-part design.

The name Green Smoke is not in reference to the color of the vapor you exhale when smoking, but to the environment friendly qualities of the product, including no ashes or cigarette butts, therefore no litter.

Smoke Stik may not include “green” in its name, but promises the same environmental benefits.

Both require the purchase of a starter kit, an initial cost that is offset later by cartridges equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, but much less expensive.

Green Smoke starter kits run from $99 to $239. One cartridge is equivalent to 1.6 packs of cigarettes.

Green Smoke has a 10% off coupon (Green Smoke Coupon: use disc10-26812) for the first purchase.

Smoke Stik starter kits begin at $89.95, and one of their cartridges is roughly equivalent to 1 to 1.5 pack of traditional cigarettes.

Green Smoke offers both non-nicotine cartridges as well as nicotine cartridges and a huge variety of flavors like “tobacco,” “marlboro,” “chocolate” and many more.

Smoke Stik offers both non-nicotine as well as nicotine cartridges cartridges in tobacco or menthal flavors ~ the only “flavors” allowed by US law.

Green Smoke was one of the first eCigs available, and maintains a very high rating among loyal Green Smoke users. They have kept their excellent reputation over the years through dedicated customer service and very high quality electronic cigarette products.

In summary Green Smoke VS Smoke Stik report reveals both are very similar and are both highly rated by their users, with Green Smoke having an edge on being more popular.




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