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This SmokeStik Review reveals whether the e-cigarette brand “SmokeStik” lives up to it’s promises as being rated the Best Tasting eCig, as well as being well made and a good buy. Read this before purchasing SmokeStik.


SmokeStik Review Discusses Smoke Stick Attributes:

The company, SmokeStik electric cigarette explains their eCig is an ingenious device which looks like a cigarette, tastes like an analog cigarette, and recreates the experience and sensation of smoking a cigarette, yet so far appears to have no harmful side effects.

The SmokeStik e-cigarette provides much of smoking’s pleasure, yet is free of many things: namely smoke from burning cigarettes and cigars.

In addition, there are no messy ashes and cigarette butts or smell.

It also is free of fire, requiring no matches or lighter which makes it much safer than traditional smoking tobacco options.

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Because no smoke is produced with the smokstick electric cigarette, secondhand smoke is therefore not an issue, it is legal to use just about everywhere. People may at first accuse you of smoking tobacco, but will be relieved to learn it is just “vapor” with no second-hand smoke danger and no odor.

Many celebrities are embracing a Smoke Stick. Katherine Heigl even Enjoyed a Smoke Stick while on the David Letterman Show.

More than 200 celebrities and other high-profile persons use the Smoke Stik Brand product on a daily basis.

Although, there are other generic “e-cigarettes” or “electronic cigarettes” available, many of these others are nothing more than re-branded imports.

When you want the best quality, a unique product and a company that will stand behind you, there’s only one choice: SmokeStik.

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How Smoke Stik Electronic Cigarette Works

The pleasant experience of smoking is not lost when you use a Smoke Stik eCig. It is expertly recreated with the battery powered electronic cigarette “Smoke Stik”.

As you inhale, a tiny sensor activates the atomizer, and a vapor of liquid flavors and propylene glycol is produced. Just like smoke from a traditional cigarette, you inhale and exhale the vapor and a tiny LED at the end even lights up to simulate the burning end of the cigarette. Smoke Stik cartridges may or may not contain nicotine – you can choose. It does Not use tobacco, smoke or combustion.

Smoke Stik cartridges are available in several tobacco flavors and strengths, including full, medium, light and no nicotine, as well as menthol.

Smokstik’s starter kit includes a charger, 10 SmokeStik cartridges and two high-density Lithium Ion batteries. The battery power lasts all day, and you can use one battery while the other one charges. Each cartridge lasts about the same amount of time as it takes to smoke a pack of traditional cigarettes.

Smoke Stik savings over traditional cigarettes are impressive, translating as they do to under $2 a pack.

For this Smoke Stick Review summary, this electronic cigarette is easy, safer (no burning), as well as better for the environment, and able to be enjoyed anywhere, Smoke Stik is one of the leaders in the exciting new world of electric cigarettes.


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