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E-cigs, as they exist today, are relatively simple and yet still are a marvel of modern technology not only for what they are able to do but also for the fact they are able to do it in a small, affordable, and disposable package. In this article, we’ll take closer look at some of the technology that makes E-cigs possible.


Most E-cigs are powered using a small lithium-ion battery. In refillable E-cigs, this battery is rechargeable. In most cases, though, E-cigs are meant to be disposed once their battery drains. It’s important, therefore, to consider how long the battery is expected to last -usually measured in the number of puffs the E-cig will produce – when shopping for electronic cigarettes.


The cartridge of an E-cig is where the E-juice is stored. This E-juice is made using propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) in varying combinations. This mixture is then combined with a range of flavorings in order to produce various E-cig flavors.

Heating Coil

In an E-cig, the E-juice in the cartridge is always in contact with the E-cig’s heating coil. When a button on the E-cig is pressed, though, the heating coil is activated and it begins to heat the E-juice it is in contact with above its boiling point, turning it into vapor which is then inhaled and enjoyed.


Technology has improved our lives in so many ways. Now, it has provided a means by which people are able to completely replicate everything that is enjoyable about smoking in a way that, unlike smoking, is completely harmless. If you enjoy both smoking and your good health, it’s a great time to be alive.

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